January 1 on December 30

I was reading through a post by one of my favorite writers, and his declaration was "Today is my January 1."

I looked at the date -- and he wrote it on December 23.

I found it odd that he would declare a New Year when it was obviously a week away. He lives overseas, but science has taught me that no timezone is ever different enough that it would be eight days apart. As I read on, I realized that he was trying to quit a specific habit that has been bothering him for the past year, and he didn't want to wait for January 1st to kick it.

I have to say I am guilty of this too. Starting a new diet on the first of the month; promising myself to wake up earlier on a Monday; vowing to do a specific task or kicking a bad habit post-holidays. But what I realized is that this "pre-resolution" period is going to be the time that we put ourselves most at risk. Because we lead ourselves to believe that the last few days before the start date is a free pass to do a "last hurrah." We binge ourselves crazy. Bachelors take advantage of that "one last time" before their wedding. We smoke that one last cigarette before our declared quit date.  I bet that the gyms will be full of aspiring health buffs who promises themselves a better body next year.  But it came to me that it's not about when we start. It's if we actually do it.

It's December 30 on my calendar, and I still have 48 hours to celebrate what's left of 2010. It's the time of the year when we let our inhibitions fly, our values go out the door and our freedom reign because, hey, I have a new planner and it starts on January 1. I don't know if I'll get to commit to the things I want to achieve when the New Year comes. I just hope that in 2011, whether it's a Thursday or it's April 17 or it's June 27, God will grant me the ability to change without being dictated by the ceremony of beginnings.
It's December 30, but I want today to be my January 1.