10 Things I'm Thankful For in 2010: The Return Of The Comeback

Return of the comeback is a term that I used when referring to Tito Vic and Joey movies. (Yes, I am an 80s kid.) Who doesn't love a great comeback? Whether it's a funny response to a silly question or a successful revival after 20 years, we all love how we are able to make something out of nothing at all. (That would be my last 80s reference, I promise.)

I consider myself a comeback this year. More than going back to my old professional home, I feel that my 'coming back' goes beyond just my job. It's interesting how God took away all the things that I thought mattered to me in the beginning --- but returned it to me in tenfold. I lost some, but certainly gained more.

It's easy to fall into the trap of failure. It's more convenient to think that we need to "fix" something in us first before we pursue what we want --- whether it's a new job, a longtime passion, or a lifetime love. We would say that we need to get our lives in order first, get ourselves "ready". Thinking of a comeback when everything is broken seems like a ridiculuous thing to do. But that's what I did. And I couldn't be more blessed with the outcome.

Here are the top 10 things I'm thankful for in 2010 (in random order):

1. Getting to sing with Sandwich and Raimund Marasigan in early January despite my lack of (!) singing talent.

2. Meeting great people who inspired me to keep my integrity, and the legal system that supported the truth.

3. EN2010, having my first small group (s) and my first One2One.

4. Finding my way back into my old professional home and working for a great program, with a great boss and an even greater team.

5. Haters who test my faith and challenge me to do what is right, and not being ashamed to be called a Christian.

6. Getting to spend more time with my family during the mid-year; Jay and the entire Quizan family.

7. Brian and Dan -- my virtual career mentors who helped me fuel my writing passion.

8. My 7-month financial miracle -- still never ceases to amaze me.

9. Writing my first blog,

10. Friends: friends from work, Victory, childhood buds and even those who I get to keep in touch with, even just through facebook. It really is true -- friends are the family you choose. :)

For everyone who's been a part of my 2010, you don't know how grateful I am. And for those who still hesitate to make that comeback, you should remember that you will always have a fan. No matter what anyone says, in the midst of failure and adversity, there's Someone out there who will root for you.