He's Not Hot, Nor Is He Cool

I found this on a Facebook quote today:
"Satan is a hot man who likes to do very bad things."
The way that this stranger described Satan made it sound like he was some rockstar or celebrity. Colin Farrell is a hot man who likes to do very bad things. Russell Brand is a hot man who likes to do very bad things.
As sexy or cool as it may sound, we are still talking about the devil. Oftentimes we underestimate the power of the enemy. He's not cool (or hot) as you think he is.


Impossible Is Nothing.

I am a KG fan. One of the reasons why I like the Boston Celtics (sorry Lakers fans) is because of Kevin Garnett. This is a pretty old ad, so I may probably be one of seven people who hasn't seen it, but it's pretty cool. Be ready to (unconsciously) start singing this in the shower.

I see God this way sometimes. He's got the whole world in His hands...and because of that, NOTHING is impossible! 


Hollywood What Ifs.

If you're asking about the guy in the picture, it's Brad Renfro.
I'm not sure where you were in the 90s, but from where I was he was pretty popular and starred in movies like "The Client" and "The Cure". I used to watch all his movies and buy magazines like Tiger Beat just so I can put his picture in my wallet (very girlie, I know). He would have been my husband.
…if God granted ALL my prayers.
 Did you ever wonder, what if God automatically answered all our prayers to Him?


Sometimes, one short verse is all you need.

"In my integrity you uphold me and set me in your presence forever."

-Psalm 41:12


All-Time Bestseller.

No Harry Potter, Twilight or Lord of the Rings can outsell the undisputed number one read of all time. This book has been there for centuries. It has been translated in several different languages and has taken various shapes, sizes and versions. It was written by folks dressed in sheepskin and (probably) vintage Birkenstocks. It tells us stories of fires, famine, women turning to salt and sticks turning to snakes. It's chockfull of action, drama, romance and adventure. More so, it talks of a carpenter who died on the cross for a sin he didn't commit.
The Bible. Special, radical and very controversial.


Every Life Has a Story

Dan T. Cathy is the President of Chick-fil-A. It's a chicken-based fastfood chain in the US (second to KFC).

Chick-fil-A's mission is "to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A." They are also famous for being closed on Sundays.

I love this video because it reminds me a lot about listening. Every life has a story, and it gets more interesting when we hear about it!


I don't really know why I'm writing this blog.

To write about something means you have to be an expert on it. I am definitely no theologian or expert on the Bible; in fact, I have only started to read albeit erratically about a month ago. If you are new to reading this and expecting hardcore lessons on postmodern evangelism, then you might need to look somewhere else. It all just started with an inspiration, from Christians who, like me, are not genius or perfect but aim to share to at least one person.



A chinese philosopher once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." I think temptation works the exact same way. As Jon Acuff put it, "sin is fun".

Fun. Yep. You heard me. Now read along.

Check the Label.

We like labels. We classify and organize and separate ourselves in groups and categories to better understand ourselves. It's so easy for us to dismiss someone as geeks, goths, emos, jocks, cheats and crooks. Unless your friend or neighbor lives in a jar on Aisle 5 near the fresh produce, we were never really licensed to put labels on people.


My Doctor Dad.

My dad is the coolest, awesomest dad in the universe.

I'm sure you all have cool and awesome dads too, but my dad is surely on the list of Top 5 Greatest Dads in the world (and that's just according to me, of course).

His greatest dream was to become a doctor. But that was not what God had planned for him.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Last Sunday, we prayed for Pastor Nuel and his wife. I don't know Pastor Nuel personally, but I've witnessed to how he was chided by other pastors about being single, and how God blessed him with a beautiful and God-fearing wife who is now on her way. Pastor Ferdie started the service with a short prayer on the condition of the couple's baby in the hopes that they would be alright.

Of Piolo and Fairytales

I saw Piolo Pascual in church last week. 

So Piolo may not be popular depending on where you are in the world, but where I'm from, you are probably 1 of 4 people who doesn't know who he is (and 1 of 3 who wouldn't recognize the picture above -- the 2 others don't have TVs). His face is literally everywhere. Billboards of his endorsements, from tuna to perfume to laundry soap, on major highways. Run to the nearest convenience store and his face is on a magazine cover. Turn on the TV and you'd see him on primetime or on an interview talking about his latest movie. It would be a feeble comparison, but he's our version of Brad Pitt, only more popular. 

Everywhere is my LSS

Today I felt God's presence in a Michelle Branch song.

Before you click on that X in your browser and write me off as dorky, take heed. I was not expecting to even think about God in this instance. I was browsing through some pretty old mp3s on my mobile phone until I came across the song "Everywhere".