Giving Thanks This Christmas

Celebrating the holidays have always made me feel quite generous.

Buying presents. Sending messages. Remembering people you haven't seen in a while. Christmas and New Year's always brings a wave of generosity over me. Spending Christmas at work has pumped me up quite a bit. As cheesy as it may sound, I wanted to show my team that I am willing to spend my holiday with them, as much as they have spent their Christmas Eve in the office and away from their families.

But amidst the generosity, there's one G word that I know I should think about more.


Here I am, buying gifts for friends and feeling giving, but out there in the world, people have sacrificed their time, their money and their lives in order to give without expecting anything in return. I have donated loose change to kids on the street, but people have donated kidneys to strangers they don't know. I have loved kind people in return, but mothers have given unconditional love to children who couldn't care less. I have tried to forgive when people hurt me, but Jesus has given up His life for us to be forgiven.

I'm sure that there's someone giving in your life. Whether it's a friend who lent you money when he barely had any, a parent who forgave no matter how hurtful you were, or a partner who understood your faults and forgot your mistakes.

Today I bring gratitude. To those selfless souls that continue to give. I thank God for your life and for using you as a channel of blessing to others.

Aside from the gifts I give this Christmas, more than anything, I want to give thanks to everyone who has touched my life this year, and for the God that made it possible.

Give thanks today!

 "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."  -Ps 107:1