Planner Without Planning

I got myself three Starbucks planners this year. I didn’t actually use any of them. I gave it to friends and family while jokingly telling them that I don’t need a planner --- because I have no plans. 

In reality, I’ve always tried to plan ahead, but God likes to throw surprises and curveballs when I least expect it.


God + Dog

I used to be deathly afraid of dogs. 

And this is not just the fright that comes with seeing a huge, menacing canine. I would literally get fevers just at the mere sight of a small pup. I was five years old, and I would come home with chills at the thought of running into a dog on the street or in our school playground. Call it odd, an exaggeration if you will, but I wasn’t just scared of them like I would at horror movies. I was seriously, seriously terrified. 


The Best Advice Ever

Unless you are an author of an advice column, or your name is Dr. Phil, we all know that giving advice can be difficult, tricky and downright stressful.

I was never really that good at giving advice.


You Might Not Finish Reading This

Francis Chan entitled one chapter of his book by saying "You might not finish this chapter".

While that's freakishly scary or unbelievably ridiculuous to you, the irony of it is that it is actually true.

And you might never even get to finish this blog post either.