He's Not Hot, Nor Is He Cool

I found this on a Facebook quote today:
"Satan is a hot man who likes to do very bad things."
The way that this stranger described Satan made it sound like he was some rockstar or celebrity. Colin Farrell is a hot man who likes to do very bad things. Russell Brand is a hot man who likes to do very bad things.
As sexy or cool as it may sound, we are still talking about the devil. Oftentimes we underestimate the power of the enemy. He's not cool (or hot) as you think he is.
 So many times people have glamorized the devil in TV shows, in books, in films, and in our minds. I am guilty of finding my cute cousins in devil costumes, complete with horns a curly tail to match. South Park's version of Satan was funny. Liz Hurley's version of the devil was sexy. Although these were all objects of fiction, it somehow dilutes our perception of it.
The devil is cunning. He is not your high school friend who smokes pot and gets excellent grades in school. He is not the rockstar that curses onstage with a bottle of beer in his hand. He is not the guy on TV that gives people the dirty finger or responds to interviews with a lot of bleep in them. The devil is a lot, lot, LOT worse than that. He delights in anger, in brokenness, in pain, in death. He dances for joy at the sight of suffering. He chuckles at anger, at pride, at gossip. He enjoys it. He delights in it. He revels in evil, and he's not stopping anytime soon.
He will fill our minds with worries, problems and worldly desires to keep us away from God. He will give us jobs that will stress us, enemies that will torment us and vices that will kill us. He will wrap this up in glamour, in glitter and sparkle and "coolness", and he wants you to totally fall for it.