God is a DJ

I have never failed in an interview.

I don't know what it is with me and interviews. It's probably because I prepare in advance, read up on the subject, and have interviewed people myself. I listen intently to friends who didn't make it and ensure that I will not make the same mistakes they made. My college interview, my first callcenter job, my promotions --- 99% of the time, I sealed the deal.

But there was one that I was not particularly proud of.

It was 2002. I was still in college and fresh out of my first callcenter job. I had a full load in school but still wanted to be more productive; my dad told me about a local radio station looking for their newest DJ. The genre were songs that my dad listened to (50s, 60s and the 70s --- yes, Englebert Humperdincks, The Platters and Elvis). I was 21 years old and never really listened to this station. What's a girl in my generation going to do?

Google it.

So I googled "100.3 FM radio station". Hundreds of entries came up. I clicked on one link that said "The Hive 100.3". This is it! I went through each of their programs, and being the diligent soldier that I am, memorized specific program titles, names of DJs and their station ID. This is in the bag, I thought.

My interviewer, the owner's daughter and a DJ too, looked stern. Yeesh! In my mind I was secretly thanking the Internet for giving me all those information. She fired the first question: "What do you know about our station?" And I fired back --- a good two minutes of what I researched about; program titles, station ID, DJs' names. Her face was expressionless. She paused briefly before speaking again: "Actually, we are no longer called The Hive. We changed our station name six months ago. The DJs here are all different now. We also have a different format." I wanted to sink in my seat.

By some strange miracle, I got the job, became a DJ and had a blast. I still don't understand how I managed to be hired, but maybe God was telling me something then that I could use now.

As Christians, we are expected to read His Word everyday, understand it, and share it with each other. Memorizing is easy. It's like taking a test in school when you had to memorize the solar system or periodic table elements. But knowing and understanding God's word is beyond passing a Chemistry exam, making the grade, or knowing bible verses by heart.  It's about how your relationship with God reflects in your life, and how you continue to fuel your faith, honoring God and inspiring others to do the same. 

I am still far off from what I intend to achieve in getting to know God more through His word. In fact, I am nowhere near to how I want to be able to fully know Him and speak confidently about how great He is. But like my DJ experience, God continues to give me a chance. Every day is a chance; an opportunity to turn from simply reading to extensively communicating with Him...with the hopes of being accepted in God's 'radio station' when the time comes...

..and without the help of Google.  :)